Joe Curcillo’s presentation was an absolutely enchanting experience. His magic-infused presentation seamlessly blended thought-provoking insights on the value of multidisciplinary perspectives with captivating illusions.

Joe’s ability to engage the audience as a storyteller combined with his profound understanding of diverse fields, left my team and I inspired and empowered to embrace the generalist mindset in our personal and professional lives.



Kristine C. Saylor, Vice President, Finance

Keystone Human Services

Thanks so much for being such an important part of this year’s CCBL – our opener and for some, our closer. You really set the perfect tone for learning, networking, and entertainment.


Stacey Thomas

PBA Program Manager

Joe’s presentation “Possible” Communication: Stop, Look and Listen not only was entertaining and insightful, but it touched upon all the pillars of our firm’s culture in a powerful way! Through magic and mindreading, he quickly got our team to buy into the ideas presented, think about the ways in which the ideas could be implemented, and left my team feeling inspired to elevate their communication and relationships with clients! I received high praise for Joe and the content across all teams! He will be a hard act to follow!


Jenna Freed |Chief Human Resources Officer, People & Infrastructure 

ACRES Capital

Did we have a great time or what! Dang! I mean Daaaaaang! The years of convincing juries to see things your way serves you well, especially when the message is so relevant and worthwhile!”


George Peintner | Owner, Information Entrepreneur

World Information Network

Best motivational/leadership presenter we’ve ever had! All of us at Susan Graham Consulting had a marvelous day at our retreat.


Susan Graham | Owner

Susan Graham Consulting

Thank you – you had the toughest job as lead-off batter…you knocked it out of the park.”


Michael Perry | President

Benecard PBF

Joe’s message and ‘Getting to Us’ philosophy infused a Unifying Vision into our management team that produced noticeable results. Our team refocused, had a renewed sense of pride and ownership in the resort, and worked together on a whole new level to increase productivity and enhance the guest experience.”

Jeffrey Rudder | General Manager

Skytop Lodge – AAA Four-Diamond-rated Historic Hotel of America

Kicking off our annual client event, Joe was engaging and entertaining, and provided a truly unique experience to our audience that was a great way to kick off the day. The best thing we can say about Joe comes from our clients, who spoke very highly of him in their feedback of our event.”

Robert Glus | FSA, MAAA, FCA

Conrad Siegel

Thanks Joe – you were AMAZING and many, many of our members said it was the best plenary session EVER!

Wendy Leeper | Executive Director

Chester County Bar Association

I’m not easy to impress, and I was impressed. I have recommended him to numerous organizations – all of whom have reported back that it has been the best meeting they’ve ever had.”

Sandra Meilton |ESQ


Our members really enjoyed the presentation. Joe got the 2018 Conference off to a GREAT start! ”

Joseph Falcone | Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer

Pennsylvania Rural Water Association

Simply wonderful! As an accomplished lawyer, a learned professor, and a master showman, Joe uses his amazing storytelling skills to teach you to persuasively make your point in every presentation you make!”

Uri Geller | Author, Performer, and World-renowned Mystifier

Many thanks to you for lifting our spirits with your positivity, enthusiasm. The energy you brought to us (and a break from all the stress members have endured for months) is just what we needed – Joe was a perfect fit!

Jayne H. Huston |MBA, LPBC

Women President’s Organization (WPO)

Whether he is on stage entertaining corporate executives or in court defending a client charged with violent crimes, Joe knows the ultimate goal is winning the audience.”

Rodney Nordstrom, Ph.D., J.D

Joe, you’re a terrific entertainer – and wonderful raconteur. Thank you SO much for sharing this weekend with us.”

Susan Granger

SSG Syndicate

If you want to see life a little more clearly while being entertained at the same time. I’ve been part of meetings for over 35 years and Joe is one of the best speakers/entertainers I have heard. Not only does he speak, tie in great observations of the mind but also has you enjoying the experience. Take a look at Joe for your next meeting.”

Thom Winninger |CPAE

Speaker Hall of Fame Past NSA President Cavett Award Winner Founder NSA Center

AWESOME! Joe Curcillo has discovered the secret ingredient of team building. A must read for any leader.”

Jim Donovan |Author

Happy@work: 60 Simple Ways to Stay Engaged and Be Successful

In a fun and humorous style, Joe provides seriously insightful, practical, and user-friendly tips to motivate the hamster in all of us.”

James Mapes | Author

Bestselling author of Quantum Leap Thinking and Imagine That