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The Generalist’s Advantage

Unlock New Pathways to Success

As a cross disciplinary expert you possess a unique advantage in approaching tasks from a holistic perspective. By incorporating diverse disciplines, individuals, and organizations can achieve their goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The powerful benefits of Multidisciplinary Leadership & Cross Disciplinary Experts

Joe’s inspirational presentations on Multidisciplinary Leadership are tailorable to any corporate environment and are designed inspire, empower and propel teams to new heights of self-worth and accomplishment. He works side-by-side with company executives to take their employees on transformational journeys that foster growth, value and purpose.

"Best motivational & leadership presenter we’ve ever had!"

Ultimately providing better results.

From the Courtroom to the Boardroom

Reimagine your executive team.

Multidisciplinary learning and knowledge was a key element and successful jury trial practice.

As a career trial lawyer, I develop systems of speed learning, cross discipline communication and critical evaluation skills through the use of multidisciplinary thinking.

By taking a holistic view of the task at hand and incorporating multiple disciplines, individuals and organizations can realize their goals in a more efficient and effective way.

Discover how these strategies translate to your board room and the thinking of your C-suite team.

Joe will show you how to harness the raw power of multidisciplinary thinking:

Having a multidisciplinary team can bring a variety of perspectives and skills to a project or problem, leading to more creative and effective solutions. Additionally, having team members with cross-disciplinary expertise can help to identify and mitigate potential risks or challenges that may not have been evident to a people with a more narrow set of skills. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing work environment, a multidisciplinary individual is more adaptable and responsive to changes, helping to ensure the success of your team, project or organization.


your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to build upon your strengths.


resources to expand your knowledge and skillset.


how to learn, so that you can continue to grow and adapt to new opportunities.


effectively with people from different backgrounds and industries.

"Through magic and mindreading, he quickly got our team to buy into the ideas presented, think about the ways in which the ideas could be implemented, and left my team feeling inspired to elevate their communication and relationships with clients!"


Attendees of Joe’s presentations achieve growth in many areas, including:

Bridge communication gaps

Many of Joe’s clients, including CEOs, upper-level supervisors and each organization’s employees, realize improved communication skills, which enhances their ability to listen, question, deliver feedback and show appreciation. This greatly improves multiple facets of their business, including work efficiency, team morale and overall profitability.

Bring different perspectives to problem-solving

Many managers utilize the same practices for so long, that they’re simply no longer effective. Joe’s clients benefit from a refreshed mindset developed by creating new goals, refocusing the tasks at hand through the lens of a different discipline.

Experience more efficient decision-making

Along with improved management skills comes the ability to better direct your workforce. Allowing your supervisors to become more empowered and self-directed brings to the table solutions and ideas that are outside the box..


When the individuals on your team possess knowledge and skills from different disciplines, they become more involved in the ideation process. This transition inspires solution-focused approaches to business and allows for creativity and empowerment to carry the day.

Discover more comprehensive understanding

You will develop an understanding of how to communicate and evaluate your team by embracing each person’s unique perspective and responsibilities in your company. Every person plays a vital role in your operation, and by assessing them using new variables, you’ll be positioned to manage and empower them individually, while simultaneously creating a strong, cohesive unit.

Clarity Through Communication — Maximizing Every Word You Speak
Fundamental Focuses: Persuasive Communication, Critical Thinking and Conflict Resolution

Joe’s renowned Clarity Through Communication presentation provides leaders with strategies to adapt to new realities, confront unforeseen challenges and lead teams through adversities with a predefined and influential communications plan. Born during his years as a defender of justice in the courtroom, Joe shares real-life insights and examples of how he used powerful opening statements, cross examinations and summations to educate and influence juries and judges with precision and conviction. You’ll also learn intuitive listening skills, how to interpret cues to better understand behaviors and tips for enhancing the critical thinking abilities of your entire team.

Adapted from Joe’s book, What’s Your Freakin’ Point: Maximize the Impact of Every Word,
Joe will show you how to:


your expectation delivery to achieve maximum impact and desired results


the art of storytelling to capture and hold the attention of others


conflicts quickly through conversational resolution tactics


the power of affirmation in our communications