Joe is a results driven problem solver committed to keeping your teams focused!

Thank you for being part of my family!

“Not only does Joe deliver actionable information and value, he is a master showman and the funniest speakers – and mentalist – on the planet!”

Thank you so much for visiting my referral page.

This page was set up so that I could help my friends help themselves. Simply put, I love having an extended network of family and friends. And I thank you for being part of that family and trusting me with your clients.

At a recent networking event, somebody asked me about what I do and what they could do to assist me. Well, there’s a side of me that doesn’t ask for help very well.

How do I tackle the side of me that doesn’t ask for help, the answer is easy: 

I found a way to give back to people in cold hard cash.


Have you ever been to a conference, watched a speaker that made you laugh, learn and prepared you to succeed in the real world?

That is what I do.

Not only do I deliver for your clients, but I deliver for you!

I have always believed that the best and most powerful referrals are people that know me. So, I have a referral system that is simple:

If you introduce me to a decision maker,
when they book me for a speaking engagement,
you receive 10% of my fee as a thank you.

Yes… It is that easy.

BOTTOM LINE: If you introduced me to someone and you warm them up for me. To me that is worth 10% in the end. (It’s easy math: On a $15,000 speaking fee, that is $1500 in your pocket.)

My network is my best booking agent.


Wannna up the game?

RECENTLY, a referral source did a lot of work. My referral source engaged me in a live meeting on zoom with their connection. They did all the sales, they set up the date for the meeting and they even had a target event for me to speak at. They had already convinced the event planner to book me!!

So, bring me a pre-confirmed booking
and I will give ya 20% of my fee.

Yes… It is that easy!

Below on this page you will resources and information to help you sell me…

...AND make yourself look awesome...

...because I will MAKE YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!

Let's connect so we can hash out some details to customize our partnership!

Why me?

I’m the real deal.

  • I am not your average speaker. I am a business man who shares strategies, solves problems and moves people toward success.
  • My contact is not derived from trainings and certifications; Everything I talk about comes from 35 years in the trenches.
  • I learn my communication skills as a trial lawyer, my management skills as a CEO of a law firm, and I learned how to succeed by learning the hard way.
  • The mistakes and successes that I talk about and write about in my books are all real. They are my life.
  • Being a professional Mentalist and Entertainer for all of my life, I  deliver a high level of entertainment to the stage in conjunction with my message!
  • My clients have hired me to do opening sessions at conventions, closing keynotes and a variety of client and employee appreciation events.
  • I want to bring my “A” game to your friends and clients.


"Your clients are my friends and I will treat them like family.
It will be an amazing partnership!"

What do I deliver?

Measurable Results!


Many of Joe’s clients, including CEOs, upper-level supervisors and each organization’s employees, realize improved communication skills, which enhances their ability to listen, question, deliver feedback and show appreciation. This greatly improves multiple facets of their business, including work efficiency, team morale and overall profitability.


Many managers utilize the same practices for so long, that they’re simply no longer effective. Joe’s clients benefit from a refreshed mindset developed by creating new goals, refocusing on the unifying vision of the company and exercising self-accountability.


Along with improved management skills comes the ability to better direct your workforce. Allowing your supervisors to become more empowered and self-directed creates greater experiences rooted in trust and accomplishment.


When everyone in your organization has a better understanding of your vision and goals, management becomes more conversational and less one directional. This transition inspires solution-focused approaches to business and allows for creativity and empowerment to carry the day.


You will develop an understanding of how to communicate and evaluate your team by embracing each person’s unique responsibilities in your company. Every person plays a vital role in your operation, and by assessing them using new variables, you’ll be positioned to manage and empower them individually, while simultaneously creating a strong, cohesive unit.

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Information & Resources

So… You need to know a little bit about me to sell me?

I spent 35 years of my life as a practicing lawyer giving people guidance personally and in business. In the court room, my job was to be the absolute best communicator on earth. I had to unite jury.

Video Resources

About my speaking on leadership, culture and communication…

Listen to this message to get a better understanding of exactly what I can deliver to your clients as a keynote speaker at their events.

… And I can add Amazing Entertainment!

In addition to the value that I bring as a speaker, I will deliver my world-class entertainment as America's Premier Mentalist – the MindShark.

Visual Resources

I hope the following resources can assist you to "turn the light on in someone's mind."

Speaker-Strategist -Unifying Vision pdf Promo

Download a copy of my promotional information that you can send an email.

Information on my Books!

Download the promo for the books I authored that you can send an email.

Suggested Email Templates

Use These Easy To Use Intros For Text and E-Mail and leave the rest to me.

Use either of the following, and feel free to attach any of the above resources. Usually, the more information the person receives with a personal testimonial from you, the more likely they are to find interest in my services. Just making this connection, will line you up for a 10% referral fee!

My contact information is below:



Mobile: 717.645.4930


Also, see for entertainment by America’s Premier Mentalist!

Text Message Intro Template

Hey [NAME], Meet Joe Curcillo. He is my favorite speaker on leadership, communication and culture. I know you have an upcoming event, and I think he would be perfect. If you want to tip the scales in your favor to take you, your organization and your teams from good to AMAZING, call Joe!  

I think you two should chat!

Joe, you popped into my head, because [NAME] is the head of [NAME of organization] and is planning an event that I think you will be perfect for.. I’ll leave you two to it!

Email Intro Template


I want to introduce you to Joe Curcillo. He is my favorite speaker on leadership, communication and culture. Joe is not your typical speaker. Joe lived in the trenches as a CEO, trial lawyer and board member of various organizations for 35 years. He gets it! Not only is he knowledgeable but he is incredibly entertaining.

If you want to tip the scales in your favor to take you, your organization and your teams from good to AMAZING, call Joe!

Joe, you popped into my head, because [NAME] is the head of [NAME of organization] and is planning an event that I think you will be perfect for.. I’ll leave you two to it!