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Cross-Disciplinary Thinking is all about the “Doers!” 

The “BE MULTITUDES” PODCAST. The podcast celebrating extraordinary time multi-hyphenates in today’s world! From entrepreneurs and athletes to academics and artists, each episode focuses on a single person who has achieved success in multiple disciplines and knows the magic of cross-disciplinary thinking  

Gain insight into their stories and struggles while exploring the tips, tricks and strategies that have enabled them to reach their lofty heights. Be inspired by their triumphs, learning from them how you too can become a modern-day renaissance man or woman. Our guests offer an insightful perspective into what it takes to achieve excellence across different disciplines – so tune in and discover your next hero of success!

Those that went beyond tHE NORM and did something magical; 

they became cross-disciplinary thinkers!

If you know someone who has earned success through multiple endeavors, we invite you to join us on our journey as we recognize these incredible individuals. Learn more about their passions, experience stories of determination, and explore just how much can be achieved when one follows dreams with grit and drive.

Share the magic of multidisciplinary thinking!

Joe’s message produced noticeable results.

Our team refocused, had a renewed sense of pride and ownership in the resort, and worked together on a whole new level to increase productivity and enhance the guest experience.” 

–Jeffrey Rudder, General Manager

Skytop Lodge

AAA Four-Diamond-rated

Historic Hotel of America​

Are you a success in multiple disciplines?

Is someone you know a success in multiple disciplines?

Multidisciplinary people have achieved success in multiple disciplines, characterized by their ability to incorporate knowledge and experience from multiple fields to take a holistic view of tasks and projects. They effectively bridge communication gaps and merge their diverse life knowledge to discover innovative solutions

If you or someone you know would be the perfect addition to our show, let me know and we can schedule a date and time that works for you.

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