Please allow me to introduce myself…



I’m an advisor, and I teach people in organizations about cross-disciplinary thinking and the multidisciplinary approach to living life.

I am multidisciplinary. I am multitudes. I am an advisor, I am a confidant, I am a friend.

I am the guy you call when you have good news to share. I am the guy call when you don’t know what to do next. I am the one who will focus you to make bad news better and good news amazing. You will be better at knowing what comes next!

I am a lawyer, a master communicator, an engineer, a former judge, prosecuting attorney, a private investigator, a fine artist, a woodworker, and a mentalist. I live in all of these lanes AT ALL TIMES.

I have lived a life of looking at situations from multiple perspectives all at one time. All of those things affect one another. I’m a better attorney, because of my woodworking. I am a better business analyst because of my engineering. I’m a better communicator because I am an artist.

As a generalist and keynote speaker, I share the secrets to a more fulfilling life and career by embracing a multidisciplinary approach. When you allow yourself to think in different ways, you’ll experience the power of cross-disciplinary thinking.

We are human beings. By nature, we are interested in many different disciplines. Embrace every lane you live in!

I help organizations and individuals create more robust solutions through cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary means.


And because I am an entertainer and magician…you’ll have fun doing it!


Joe has experienced great pleasure throughout the last four decades while informing audiences across a multitude of platforms, such as the courtroom, boardroom and in larger venues. Joe is delighted to help people discover valuable insight through rational deduction and impactful speech.

With three books authored by him all contributing towards amplifying management capabilities, leadership qualities and team culture, organizations who desire to build trusting relations and produce an environment of collaboration can draw inspiration from his strong, unifying talks.  

Joe helps enterprises address current challenges head on with perseverance in thiscontinuously transforming world.

Many thanks to you for lifting our spirits with your positivity, enthusiasm. The energy you brought to us (and a break from all the stress members have endured for months) is just what we needed – Joe was a perfect fit!