As someone who has dedicated his life to understanding and harnessing the power of the imagination, I am deeply impressed by the way Joe vividly illustrates the profound impact and success of generalists.​
James Mapes
Author of the Bestselling “Quantum Leap Thinking” and “Imagine That!”​


Meet Joe Curcillo, the visionary author behind “THE GENERALIST’S ADVANTAGE: How to Harness the Raw Power of Multidisciplinary Thinking.” As the CEO of Generalist’s Advantage Strategies, Joe is the Maestro of Integration, weaving together the diverse threads of his multidisciplinary expertise to craft innovative strategies that transcend the boundaries of personal and business silos. 

With a career that reads like a symphony of success, Joe has mastered the art of thinking across disciplines. From his former life as a trial attorney to his roles as a CEO, civil engineer, strategic advisor, government operative, author, fine artist, psychic entertainer, and magician, Joe’s journey is a testament to the power of cross-disciplinary thinking. 

 In The Generalist’s Advantage, Joe shares the secrets of his integrative approach, empowering you and your team to tackle complex challenges with finesse. His guidance will equip you with the tools you need to infuse cross-disciplinary thinking into every facet of your organization, propelling you to new heights of innovation and success. 

Joe doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk. With his wealth of real-world knowledge and a track record of excellence in diverse fields, he’ll show you how to adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape. By focusing on sustainable growth and agility, Joe Curcillo prepares you for a future where you’re always a step ahead of the competition.

Joe Curcillo is the quintessential generalist.  

He lives near Hershey, Pennsylvania with his wife, Judge Deborah Curcillo, and an endless supply of caffeine.  


And because I am an entertainer and magician…you’ll have fun doing it!


"Together, we embark on a transformative journey that nurtures the art of cross-disciplinary thinking, where each lane of their life converges and interlaces to manifest strategic, groundbreaking, and awe-inspiring outcomes."


Joe has experienced great pleasure throughout the last four decades while informing audiences across a multitude of platforms, such as the courtroom, boardroom and in larger venues. Joe is delighted to help people discover valuable insight through rational deduction and impactful speech.

With three books authored by him all contributing towards amplifying management capabilities, leadership qualities and team culture, organizations who desire to build trusting relations and produce an environment of collaboration can draw inspiration from his strong, unifying talks.  

Joe helps enterprises address current challenges head on with perseverance in thiscontinuously transforming world.

Many thanks to you for lifting our spirits with your positivity, enthusiasm. The energy you brought to us (and a break from all the stress members have endured for months) is just what we needed – Joe was a perfect fit!