A Meeting with Aristotle

A Meeting with Aristotle Using Ideas from Ancient Philosophers to Succeed (5 Minute Read) As the sales team takes their seats in the boardroom, the sales manager, A.C. Tosser, rises from his seat and begins to address the staff. He introduces the new product line and explains that it will be marketed differently along with […]

A Brief Mid-Pandemic Letter to Employers

A Brief Mid-Pandemic Letter to Employers (1 Minute Read) Dear Employer: Do not ignore the concerns of your employees as they struggle with the pressures of this pandemic. Whether they’re at home working, or they are working under risky circumstances, they need to understand the importance of their role in your business, and in society […]

Highly Effective Virtual Presentation Tips – The Ten Be’s of Virtual Presentations

virtual presentations

Highly Effective Virtual Presentation TipsThe Ten Be’s of Virtual Presentations (8 Minute Read) Virtual Presentation Tip  # 1 – Be Ready. Ready includes the obvious: make sure your presentation is prepared in advance. But “ready” also includes the not so obvious: always test your technology ahead of time. When you are presenting live, you have […]