To Influence Others, Know Yourself

Know Yourself To Influence Others(5 Minute Read) You might think, “I don’t care what people think about me.” Actually, you do. And you should. Not to seek their approval, that’s a waste of time. You don’t need others to like you to influence them, but you do need to know what they think of you, so […]

Tighten Up Your Network by Caring Pandemic Edition

Tighten Up Your Network by Caring(3 Minute Read) The pandemic taught us that we are all dealing with situations that we may not anticipate. An inability to market, and the inability to grow and develop new business. We can, however, seize opportunities to keep our network alive. The backbone of every business is its network. […]

Thoughts on Learning, Listening & Innovating

actively listening

Thoughts on Learning, Listening & Innovating(5 Minute Read) There are no bad ideas. Once you can accept that simple phrase, you will be open to anything that comes in your direction. When we pre-judge the things that we hear, or we listen to the skeptical opinions of others, we are no longer allowing our minds […]

Thoughts for Closing the Deal

Thoughts for Closing the Deal(5 Minute Read) You walk out the door, thanking the potential client for their time, and tell them that you will stop back in later in the year to review their needs. You leave upbeat and happy, but you did not get the deal. You poured your heart and soul into […]

Aristotle in the Boardroom

Aristotle in the Boardroom(7 Minute Read) As the sales team takes their seats in the boardroom, CEO, A.C. Tosser, rises from his seat and begins to address the staff. Tosser begins by explaining how the next level of sales will positively affect the commissions and bonuses for the people in the room. He chides Mary, […]

Managing the Irate Customer

Managing the Irate Customer(5 Minute Read) While sitting in the lobby of one of my favorite hotels, where I always know the service is excellent, I heard a guest checking in and vociferously complaining about his delayed flights and his immediate hunger. I watched as his temper drew a tear from the clerk’s eye. She […]

How to Rise Above the Flooded Job Pool

How to Rise Above the Flooded Job Pool(6 Minute Read) The best way to secure a job when the competition is fierce is to rise above the pack and shine. Yes, that may sound simple, but it requires a little effort to make “you” the ideal candidate. There are five things you need to do […]

Breath Loyalty into Your Network

Breath Loyalty into Your Network(4 Minute Read) The backbone of every business is the network that keeps it alive. Your network maybe your employees, maybe your customers, maybe your business associates or most likely, all three. As we look at social media, we are confronted every day by concerns that Facebook or LinkedIn change their […]

Be Present and Focus Before You Speak

Be Present and Focus Before You Speak(4 Minute Read) When you are preparing to speak to an audience of one, or one thousand, you will stand alone. You will not be squaring off against a visible adversary. Instead, the adversary that we face lives within us and within our audience: doubt. That hesitation which exists […]