Joe’s message and ‘Getting to Us’ philosophy infused a Unifying Vision into our management team that produced noticeable results.

Our team refocused, had a renewed sense of pride and ownership in the resort, and worked together on a whole new level to increase productivity and enhance the guest experience.” 

–Jeffrey Rudder, General Manager

Skytop Lodge

AAA Four-Diamond-rated

Historic Hotel of America​



For CEo’s, Leaders & Boards

Joe is committed to sharing his life experience to improving the lives of others. He offers a wide array of coaching packages that range from actionable advice to full immersion into your vision. He works side-by-side with company executives to take their employees on transformational journeys that foster growth, value and purpose. Depending on your needs, Joe will create a coaching package that will objectively guide you to where you need to be.

As an objective outsider on your side, Joe will help you tip the scales in your favor. Once you have explored all of the details of your unifying vision, you and your team will be unstoppable.



Knowing your Team

Moving Your Team In One Direction

Be Ready For Change

Every successful business must have an excellent leader. A leader needs to know how to have a unifying vision for the company and get their team to work together well. Whether he is working directly with the CEO or with the board, Joe can help improve management and leadership skills, showing you how to motivate and inspire your team to reach new levels of success. Joe will help you discover your team’s noble purpose.

 Joe expertly guides business leaders through the processes of mission analysis, productivity evaluation and goal prioritization to determine their company’s ultimate path to success. This realization is the foundational epicenter for unity throughout the company and establishes the blueprint for future goals and achievements.



Communicating Your Vision

Unifying The Team

Making Your Vision Real

Keep Your Vision Alive!

Your workforce consists of many personality types. Each and every person on your team is motivated and driven by different factors. But, in the end, you must make sure that every one of them is part of the whole. How people hear your message, how they apply it, and what it means to them is different for everyone.

Joe will work with you to coordinate personality and motivator assessments for your team. With that information in hand, you can develop a better understanding of how to communicate with and inspire your team in their new opportunities for personal and financial growth and embark upon your collective journey toward great achievements in your company. Joe will be right by your side, objectively advising how to direct your entire team to perform their duties more decisively — with less fear, hesitation and stress — and to embrace your unifying vision through understanding, acceptance and trust.

Joe’s proven strategies reinforce positivity and enthusiasm at all levels of the workforce, including those working remotely, and elicit renewed commitment, pride and productivity throughout the company.

As your vision moves towards reality, and your company moves towards success, there will be a lot of difficult decisions. Whether those decisions involve avoiding failures of operation, rewarding early adopters or simply keeping the vision alive, Joe can be by your side to make sure the scales stay in your favor.

Communicating With Clarity, Power & Purpose


Framing Your Message

Delivering Your Message

Keeping Your Message Fresh

Keeping It Real & Relevant

Whether you are speaking one on one or to an entire crowd, Joe will help you frame, package and deliver your message with the same power and authority with which you built your business.

Some of the most successful people in the world have discovered their own limitations in the area of communicating and being understood. Joe has devoted his career to developing communication skills that go beyond mere speech. Joe has mastered the ability to understand the nuances of communication through the normal verbal and nonverbal skills, but also – and most importantly – in situational moments. Many times, the situation controls how a message is understood.

Joe is committed to guiding leaders with strategies to adapt to new realities, confront unforeseen challenges and lead teams through adversities with a predefined and influential communications plan.

Born during his years as a defender of justice in the courtroom, Joe shares real-life insights and examples of how he used powerful opening statements, cross examinations and summations to educate and influence juries and judges with precision and conviction. You’ll also share intuitive listening skills, how to interpret cues to better understand behaviors and tips for enhancing the critical thinking abilities of your entire team.


Best motivational/leadership presenter we’ve ever had! All of us at Susan Graham Consulting had a marvelous day at our retreat.

Susan Graham | SG Consulting