Tighten Up Your Network by Caring

(3 Minute Read)

The pandemic taught us that we are all dealing with situations that we may not anticipate. An inability to market, and the inability to grow and develop new business. We can, however, seize opportunities to keep our network alive. The backbone of every business is its network. Your network may be your employees, your customers,  your business associates or, most likely, all three.

As we look at social media, we are confronted every day by concerns that Facebook or LinkedIn change their algorithm affecting the number of people that we see in our respective feeds. When we lose contact with our real-world network, we can’t blame Facebook. We must look inside and determine whether we have forgotten to do what we must.

It is up to you to make sure that what you are doing for people is not replaced by what someone else can do for them today. Reach out to the people in your network now.  Keeping in touch will remind them that you will be there when they need you. Make a list of the people in your network and begin actively contacting them. Now.

Remember, it is not about sales calls, it’s about caring calls. Stay in touch.

To keep your network strong, you must

  • Be Personal
  • Be Meaningful
  • Put it in Writing

Be personal with contacts in your network. If you know someone may need you, let them know that you have not forgotten them. If you are relying on outreach by employees or third parties, maybe you should consider using some of your time for personal outreach. Sometimes your network just needs to know that you are still there.

Show the people in your network a little love now and then. Let them know you care, and their loyalty will stay intact.

There has never been a better time to simply let people know that you care about their welfare.

Be meaningful. When you are dealing with members of your network, make sure that they know that you appreciate having them in your network. Let people know that, without them, you would be less. Allow them to feel appreciated and needed.

It’s easy to look at social media, find out some important dates in people’s lives. You can find out their birthdays, their anniversaries, and their career changes with a quick scan of your news feed. Contact them about things that matters to them.

Be resolved that, together, you will weather the storm.

Last, Put it in Writing. Some of us have had a slowdown in business. We have spare time. Use that time to write a letter. Paper and pen will say, “I took the time to write, because you matter.” When people feel that they belong, and that they are vital members of your network, loyalty follows.

In a world that is full of social media, it is easy to say happy birthday on Facebook, or congratulate someone on a new job position on LinkedIn. It is just as easy to drop someone a hand-written note to wish them well in their new venture. We do not see handwritten notes all that often. But when we do, we pause and smile because someone made the effort to let us know that they appreciate us.

Go old school. Use ink.

Reach out, breathe a little life into your network and watch it grow. Be proactive, be responsive and do it with meaning. And put it in writing.