Improved Communication with a Unifying Vision

(4 Minute Read)

When everyone is on the same page, communication becomes a natural and easy process.

The main element of creating a Unifying Vision is a goal to which everyone can commit themselves. When people can believe in the goal, have been given roles where they know that they are a vital part of the organization, and have been empowered, the single Unifying Vision is what drives your company forward and keeps everyone involved. The direction keeps everyone involved, and in turn your business grows..

Let’s think about Thanksgiving dinner. We are all familiar with the traditions of holiday dinners. Well, when we look at Thanksgiving dinner, there’s a dynamic when the family comes together and everyone works towards a common goal of the big meal. While one person may cook the turkey, one may stuff it, one may prepare the mashed potatoes, another may do the green bean casserole, and yet another makes dessert. Each one brings to the table a different component of the meal. While others seem to sit on the sidelines, the goal is the same. All want a dinner that everyone can sit down and eat.

Some of the family are going to be people that come to that table having contributed nothing but their presence. Or, there may be a “Negative Nelly” who’s going to show up at that dinner and want to complain about everything, but that’s what they do. And, because that one problem child is family, they know that they can get away with it. Why? Because while you can choose to “fire” that family member, they’re STILL family.

View your business as a family. You have spent a lot of time and energy training your people to be assets. You need them to get where you’re going. If you create a Unifying Vision that allows each person to see their role – whether their role is stuffing the turkey or making mashed potatoes – they will know they belong. When everyone has a role that they know is vital, they will have a feeling of belonging and, with that, they will know they are secure and each can take ownership of their role.

While there are negative and contrary people, they also have a role. Some people will complain and watch until the meal is done, but when you delegate to them a task such as, doing the dishes or taking out the trash, the person will do it. the person is going to do it. Some people are good at what they do, but need direction and need to know the point in time for them to commit to the goal. Some people may never do anything on their own initiative, but they will get up and move when you tell them to act. The assignment will give them immediate direction and a they will feel like they are doing something of value, because they were given attention and noticed.

In your business, it’s the same. Some people will be negative. If you listen to them openly and never allow them to fear the repercussions, they will feel secure that their role is vital so the lines of communication will remain open. They will feel the ultimate validation: They will not be cast aside but HEARD and feel like a part of the company’s Unifying Vision. While it may be difficult to listen to some of their negative remarks, see it as a possible resource and challenge to keep you in check. The vision is important. Set your defenses aside and realize that even people’s negative, positive, or critical comments have a place in your plan.

Be forewarned that even your most loyal and dedicated employees will observe how you treat everyone else in your organization. If you treat others badly, there could be residual fall out that will stifle your best people.

Every person has to know that they are safe, because in a Unifying Vision everyone is looking at the bigger picture and seeing the end goal. Each may go about the task differently, but everyone will want to get to the same place. When the environment is free of threats, most everyone will be empowered and know they have the authority to do what it  is that they are supposed to do to make the goal happen. The more clearly each person understands their role, the more clearly they will be able to get the job done.

When people feel safe talking to you about what they believe are the problems that exist, they will comment on the good and the bad. They know that they have a place.  They know they are vital. More importantly, they feel safe. When your Unifying Vision comes together and begins to move forward, people will communicate because communication is a natural process of growth and progress.

Remember our Thanksgiving dinner example? Families create a secure and safe space. Even though negative Uncle Bob insults the recipes, he’s still a part of the family and will be coming back next gathering. Remember to show people that the vision is so important that even their negative, positive, or critical comments have a place in your vision. Everyone is an asset and they all have a place in your vision. Allow the Unifying Vision be the driving factor and beneficial communication will flow. The more vital and important people feel that they are to the the bigger picture, the more they will communicate.

Create a Unifying Vision for your team, and let that vision be your team’s driving factor, and beneficial communication will flow.