A Brief Mid-Pandemic Letter to Employers

(1 Minute Read)

Dear Employer:

Do not ignore the concerns of your employees as they struggle with the pressures of this pandemic. Whether they’re at home working, or they are working under risky circumstances, they need to understand the importance of their role in your business, and in society at large. If they are still working in public, they have been clearly deemed “essential workers.” Good employers will embrace them as essential to the cause, and make sure that they know how important they are to the future for the company and society.

The emphasis needs to remain on the interpersonal relationships and an understanding of the role that each of us plays in accomplishing current and future goals. Now is when leaders should be reflecting on a Unifying Vision that will unite their people in this pandemic and beyond.

Simple solutions are right in front of you. Frankly, every time I check out of a grocery store, interact with a client’s employees, or receive a delivery from Amazon, I simply look at the worker and say, “Thank you. I appreciate you working to our society to survive. Please stay healthy.” Their reply is always gratitude coupled with a sense of pride.